Monday, January 07, 2013

Resolutions are Overrated

Was I supposed to make a goal or something? A resolution to torment myself with as I let day after day slip by without making sufficient progress?

Not this year!

Set aside the fact I've been in a paper snowstorm with all the house/moving stuff, and the general chaos of life. This year, I couldn't stomach making proclamations of what I plan to do....and then having that sick feeling when it doesn't happen exactly how I envisioned.

Besides, real goals are set and achieved all throughout the year, not just at the start.

Once we get past this month (book launch, move, big trip to Orlando) then I might sit down and see what I hope the future holds. Or not. For now I'm going to enjoy the season of harvest God has blessed us with, and continue to do the sowing we've been doing all along in preparation for the next.

Are you setting goals for the year? How do you plan to stick with them?
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