Monday, December 17, 2012

The Santa Myth

It finally happened and now all my kids know.....

......the truth....

.......about Santa.

And the tooth fairy. And the Easter bunny. Mostly they came to the conclusions on their own, but I suppose it didn't help that I was caught one night, tooth-in-hand. It wasn't long afterward that everything unraveled.

Oddly enough, if it were only up to me, I wouldn't have played and pretended with any of the three kids about Santa, etc, but since I'm not the only adult in their lives all the holiday entities were presented from the time they were tots. Other parents I know have never fostered the belief with their children and see it in the same light as lying. I have mixed feelings.

I suppose it was fun while it lasted, and it was even more fun when they discovered the truth and started chattering about the different clues over the years that should have tipped them off. My 7 year old, shaking her head, said of her 20 year old sister, "I'll bet she already knows about Santa." With a straight face I said, "You know, I believe she does."

But for all the "fun" Santa adds to Christmas, have you noticed how many kids try to keep their distance? He is quite scary, after all! What I don't like is all the extra "stuff" to overshadow the Truth during the season.

What about your family? Santa--yay or nay?


CJ Kennedy said...

I never saw it as lying. More like make believe. And when the girlies were little it was fun to see the magic in their eyes. Now they're all grown up. the secret long known, but the memories of the magic still there. And when fishing for gift ideas, I drop the magic line: Don't forget. If you don't give me a list, Santa will bring you underwear. Always makes me smile.

Gina Conroy said...

I was completely devastated when I found out there was no Santa. I mean hyperventilating crying and the memory is still so vivid in my mind. So when it came time for the Santa thing, we decided we'd celebrate the life of the real Santa. I always felt a little guilty about not playing along with the Santa, but I didn't want my children to focus on Santa instead of Jesus and I didn't want them to be devastated at the truth. We didn't emphasize the tooth fairy either, but they always found money under their pillow.

Of course, we visited Santa in the mall and watched all those Santa cartoons, so at different times my kids believed on their own, and I let them (it was futile to convince them otherwise.)

We also have a fun tradition of putting all the presents under the tree BEFORE Christmas and then on Christmas morn, they've disappeared... and they have to find them like the wise men searching for Jesus. THIS is our favorite family tradition and the kids still look forward to this. Though my 18 year old is too mature this type of fun, I hide his presents anyway! :)

Erica Vetsch said...

We never did the Santa thing here, but I don't mind if other people do. It's an individual family decision, and as long as people know the real reason for Christmas, a little Jolly Old Saint Nick can be fun.


Merry Christmas!

sandybees said...

My 10 year old still believes. Either that, or she's putting on a big act to get more presents. No, she still believes. We have an elf on the Shelf and she left a letter in the elf's lap thanking Santa for bringing the elf. I thought that was interesting since she knew I bought the Elf at Barnes and Nobles. I guess Santa gets the credit for everything good that happens in December lol.

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