Thursday, December 13, 2012

Digging Up Death

I'm SOOOOOO excited for super friend and awesome author Gina Conroy's new release, Digging Up Death! Mystery, romance, and archaeology--really, what more could one ask for? The way Gina weaves in clues and keeps the pace and tension ratcheted up really amazes me. Definitely a fresh voice in Christian fiction. Go, Gina!!!

Gina ConroyBLURB:

To unearth a killer, you have to get your fingernails dirty.

Archaeology Professor Mari Duggins is adjusting to life as a single mom, but she’s caught between the pull of her former flame and her ex-husband. When her colleague is murdered and her ex is accused of stealing an Egyptian artifact, Mari interferes in the FBI investigation, compelled to prove the innocence of her children’s father.

Soon she is buried deep in suspects. Her old flame, her student and tenant, the office secretary. No one is who they appear to be, and she begins to wonder where her loyalty and true affections lie.

Mari Duggins’ life caves in as she tries to excavate the truth, but realizes only God can dig her out of the hole she’s created. Will Mari sort through her muddled feelings and put her trust in someone else? Or will the truth bury her alive?


Growing up on Long Island, Gina Conroy used to think she knew where her life was headed; now she’s learning to embrace life’s detours. Some of her exciting diversions have included homeschooling her four children, where she discovered a love of archaeology and ancient Egypt, and her most recent obsession…ballroom and swing dancing.

Stop by her blog where you can get great tips for busy writers and tons of encouragement to help you along the way at Writer Interrupted. And to get your copy of Digging Up Death CLICK HERE!

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