Wednesday, November 14, 2012

NANO Bust!!!

Have you ever gone gung-ho into an activity, sure you were going to kick butt then just fell flat on your face?

That's me! A NANO-bust!

Admittedly, the month isn't over and I'm naturally one to root for an underdog...which happens to be me, in this anything could happen between now and the end of November. So what happened, you ask? Well, about 4 doctors appointments, stepping it up with the homeschool and traveling every weekend so far this month (and a few last month too!)

But it's not about excuses. It's about pulling belly-up to the keyboard and doing what needs to be done. If I don't, I'll always wonder what might have happened if I'd tried just a wee bit harder.

Are you reaching your goals this month? Are you stretching to get there?


Julie Jarnagin said...

I didn't do NaNo this year, but I'm trying to get a book edited this month. I'm going to be cutting it close. I wouldn't worry too much about not completing NaNo. Any forward progress is great!

CJ Kennedy said...

I'm doing a journal page a day. I'm little behind but hope to get caught up.

Erica Vetsch said...

I'm behind where I wanna be and ahead of where I was. :)

Georgiana Daniels said...

You're absolutely right, Julie--forward progress is forward progress!

CJ, you are so crafty. You have a talent I always wanted but never had. You go, girl!

Erica, such wise words. It really should be a bumper sticker. LOL!!! A bumper sticker that would be great in heavy traffic!!!!

Jessica Nelson said...

I'm meeting the very few goals I have. lol
As for Nano, yikes, no way. lol

Georgiana Daniels said...

Yay for meeting goals, Jessica! That's great :D

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