Wednesday, November 28, 2012


It might happen--it really might!!!

After years of prayer, heartache, waiting and more waiting--we *might* finally be getting a house. This morning we went to look and fell in love with the first place (the one where someone died.) We went to see the second house down the road but the realtor couldn't get inside. No matter--the barking dog next door would've been a no-go for me!

So we submitted an offer and we should hear back by Friday 2:00 pm.

Here was our list of non-negotiables:

*QUIET neighborhood
*close to hubby's work and kids' activities
*decent-sized kitchen. No one wants to play bumper butts.
*relatively new, because we're SO not handy

The living room and dining area are smallish, but I can live with that because all the other criteria were met.

How about you? How did you go about choosing a home and what were your non-negotiables?

P.S. Prayers that they accept are offer appreciated :)


Dusty (To the Moon and Back) said...

I'll be praying!

Georgiana Daniels said...

Thanks, Dusty! Hopefully we'll have news tomorrow.

Anita said...

The 4 things you mentioned, plus I just HAD to have a screened in porch! I had one in our previous house and had to have one here. I love sitting outside (but not totally outside) April through October, eating lunch, reading, talking on the phone, and even an occasional snooze.

How'd it go!!!

Georgiana Daniels said...

A screened-in porch sounds wonderful!

The bank came back with a ridiculously high counter, so we countered with not much higher than our original.

LOL, need more prayers! I don't want to lose this house!

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