Friday, October 05, 2012

Welcome to the Family!

Last night under the cover of darkness, I smuggled in the newest member of our family. You see, in our neighborhood, it's best not to advertise when you bring home a brand new...well...anything. LOL! The newest addition to our home is a 23" Asus all-in-one computer!


From the first moment I laid eyes on an all-in-one, I knew that was my next purchase, and I have to say, an hour into setting this puppy up, I'm in love! The screen is lovely and I can have multiple screens of wonderfulness open at once and see everything that's going on. AND....I just dragged and dropped the picture from one screen to this one. Man, I'm smitten!!!!

Somehow I've got to make this last because going through a new machine every three years seems a bit much to me, even though the dude at the store assured me that's about when the technology is outdated anyway. (Of course, said dude also builds his own computers and therefore obviously move in different technology circles than I do!)

What kind of computer do you have and how often do you get a new one? Do you love gadgets as much as I do?


Erica Vetsch said...

YAY for a new computer!!!

I love my HP laptop. :)

CJ Kennedy said...

I love gadgets and widgets. New computers and phones every 2 to 3 years.

CJ Kennedy said...

oh, and I have an HP desktop, HP laptop, and an iPad2 which makes my heart go pitter pat

Georgiana Daniels said...

It sounds like we're on the same timeline!

I've thought about an iPad, but I'm pretty happy with my Nook and not sure I'd use it enough to justify the expense. Then again....

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