Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Like I Needed a New Addiction

It took me a long time to succumb, after all, it sounded like just another bandwagon that everyone and their sister was jumping on. But when I finally gave it a chance, Downton Abbey sucked me in like everyone else! It's a show that has all the charm and culture of the early 20th Century but with a modern-day edge.

While there was one scene that caught me off guard, for the most part it's a "watchable" show--meaning it didn't offend my delicate disposition ;) And the best part? Hubby started watching it with me. Bonus points!

What shows are you hooked on? OK...what I'm really asking is, what should I queue in Netflix when I'm done with DA?


Jessica Nelson said...

Hahahaaa! I watched the first season and was really surprised how into it I got. I'll watch the second season when I have a chance, and the third. :-)

Okay, so I just wanted to let you know that when I clicked your name to get to here from your comment on my blog, I couldn't. It pulls up Google Plus and you, but there's no link to your blog. I'm not sure how to fix that so I just googled you the good old fashioned way. :-) Thought you might want to know though!

Julie Jarnagin said...

I haven't started that one yet, but I'm tempted. I'm into The Voice right now, but I don't think there are any series I'm watching.

Erica Vetsch said...

I haven't started Downton Abbey because I know when I do, I'll ignore the rest of my life until I've seen it all! :)

My current obsession? Leverage. It's all about Leverage around here.

Georgiana Daniels said...

Jessica, I was really surprised too! I totally thought everyone was blowing it out of proportion. Thanks for letting me know on the other, I'll have to poke around on G+ today.

I really should watch The Voice, Julie. When I hear others discussing it, I feel left out, LOL!

Erica--what IS Leverage? HAHA. Now you've peaked my curiosity. And yes, set aside a big chunk of time for DA. I'm watching it in big time blocks.

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