Wednesday, October 03, 2012

Justifying the Madness

We never meant to become the proverbial soccer parents, running our kids to every activity under the sun and pushing them to excel, excel, excel. But as I ponder the day ahead--chess club, soccer, baton, gymnastics--we've done just that. People have subtly (or not so subtly) suggested we're living out our dreams through our kids but I'm here to reassure one and all that I've never wanted to take flying leaps on the beam or get mashed on the soccer field.

So why do we have our kids do it? Untold hours and achy muscles, not to mention what feels like gazillions of dollars poured into tuition and uniforms, and now travel expenses. While it might seem random and not altogether well-thought out, there is a purpose to our madness. It's our belief all the extra-curriculars help develop certain traits that would otherwise stay dormant.


*Love. The kids love what they're doing. We absolutely wouldn't dedicate time and resources if we had to drag them out the door.

*Socialization. Not that I buy into the whole homeschooled-kids-aren't-socialized myth (another blog post unto itself)--but it IS important for them to hang out with friends and learn from other adults.

*Confidence. There's something to be said for the kids learning that if they work on an elusive skill long and hard enough, even if it takes months and multiple bruises and sores, they CAN do what once appeared impossible.

*Poise. The ability to get up in front of a crowd, control your nerves and stay composed is huge. HUGE! This is a skill that will help carry them through life. Refer back to THIS POST where I discovered I want to grow up to be just like my daughter.

*Mommy break. HAHA--had to throw that in! Let's face it, if my kids never did anything outside the home, when would I get a chance to accomplish any of my own goals?

It's more than over-scheduling our kids for the sake of bragging rights. Those are the ways I justify the madness, and yes, there are days where it's sheer madness!

Have you fallen into the soccer-mom trap? What kinds of sacrifices do you feel are worth it?


CJ Kennedy said...

If it works for your family, you shouldn't have to justify it to others. Your children will reap the benefits for all the reasons you laid out. Good job, Mom!

Erica Vetsch said...

Yup, what CJ said!


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