Monday, September 10, 2012

Not Quite Home

As I've mentioned many times--and frankly I never tire of it--we moved this summer. It was two and a half years of exhaustion, heartbreak and disappointment. But OH the joy when the last of the paperwork finally went through!

Because we didn't realize exactly how long the process would take, we never put down money on a house, thus avoiding a financial pickle. Instead, we decided to rent a little apartment in the ghetto on a month-to-month basis until we can find a home we all love.

The only problem is, we don't really feel at home. We're in that odd in-between stage where something It might be that we understand we're not at our final destination, and simply knowing we're here on a temporary basis keeps us from growing emotional roots. Or it could be that we have an entire room dedicated to boxes of stuff I refuse to unpack, like books and pictures and personal nicknacks. (knick-knacks? Spell check hates me!)

So I started to think about what makes a home, and whether or not we have it:

*old furniture we've sat on lo these many years--double-check

Then what's missing? Honestly, I'm clueless, and if you have an idea, let me know!

How do you handle a move, or simply that odd, unsettled feeling?


Dusty (To the Moon and Back) said...

We've moved a lot since we've been married (at least 5 times!) and I've felt that way many times. I think sometimes it just takes time....and lots of it to feel settled. We've been in our current home for over 4 years and I still have moments like that. We're renters as well, and I think that contributes to it. We can't paint when we want, make changes, etc., so there are times when it doesn't feel like "ours."

Georgiana Daniels said...

I'd never thought of the renting part contributing to the displacement feeling, but I'll bet you're right! It really does make a difference not to be able to make permanent decisions about paint, etc. Great point.

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