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Stamped with Grace--you've won A Sister's Test. Please leave a comment with your email address so I can contact you. Congratulations!

What an adorable story! This is my first Virginia Smith book, and I'm impressed. The sibling rivalry was realistic without being overblown, and the spiritual journey, uplifting. Gently written with humor, Stuck in the Middle is a perfect escape into fiction when you just want a good read.

Here's the blurb:

Joan Sanderson's life is stuck. Her older sister, Allie, is starting a family and her younger sister, Tori, has a budding career. Meanwhile, Joan is living at home with Mom and looking after her aging grandmother. Not exactly a recipe for excitement-or romance.

That is, until a hunky young doctor moves in next door. Suddenly Joan has a goal--to catch his eye and get a date. But it won't be easy. Pretty Tori flirts relentlessly with him and Joan is sure that she can't compete. But with a little help from God, Allie, and an enormous mutt with bad manners, maybe Joan can find her way out of this rut and into the life she's been hiding from.

Book 1 of the Sister-to-Sister series, Stuck in the Middle combines budding romance, spiritual searching, and a healthy dose of sibling rivalry that is sure to make you smile.

"A gentle story of one young woman's season of growth, deftly blending the tangle of family relationships with gifts of whimsey and revelation. A joy to read."~SHARON HINCK, author of Renovating Becky Miller and Symphony of Secrets~

"Virginia Smith has created a charming and humerous novel that celebrates small-town life, generations of women caring for each other, and the value of finding a deeper, more active faith."~SHARON DUNN, author of the Bargain Hunters mysteries~

Virginia Smith left her job as a corporate director to become a full time writer and speaker with the release of her first novel Just As I Am.

Since then she has contracted eight novels and published numerous articles and short stories. She writes contemporary humorous novels for the Christian market, including Murder by Mushroom (Steeple Hill, August 2007) and her newest release, Stuck in the Middle(Revell, February 2008), book 1 in the Sister-to-Sister Series.

Her short fiction has been anthologized, and her articles have been published in a variety of Christian magazines. An energetic speaker, she loves to exemplify God’s truth by comparing real-life situations to well-known works of fiction, such as her popular talk, “Biblical Truths in Star Trek.”

Virginia is a speaker, and an avid Scuba diver. She and her husband Ted, divide their times between Kentucky and Utah, and escape as often as they can for diving trips to the Caribbean!

CLICK HERE to get your copy today!

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After last week's debacle, I searched for a nice quiz, then decided to steal one from Betsy's blog. By the way, if you haven't entered the drawing for A Sister's Test, enter today! Now, onto the quiz..........

You Are An Exclamation Point

You are a bundle of... well, something.

You're often a bundle of joy, passion, or drama.

You're loud, brash, and outgoing. If you think it, you say it.

Definitely not the quiet type, you really don't keep a lot to yourself.

You're lively and inspiring. People love to be around your energy.

(But they do secretly worry that you'll spill their secrets without even realizing it.)

You excel in: Public speaking

You get along best with: the Dash

Don't worry, friends--I'm really not a secret spiller =) What are you???

Wednesday, February 27, 2008


The acute condition of being unable to
erase, let go of, or substantially change
words after they have been
committed to paper or hard drive.

The first meeting of the Word Attachment Disorder Support group (also known as WADS) will be at my house Saturday night. Bring doughnuts.

Tuesday, February 26, 2008


There's something about a good Amish story that leaves readers clamoring for more. A Sister's Test is book two in the Sisters of Holmes County series, and follows Ruth through both heartwarming and trying times. It's a story of faith being tested, and God's love shining in the darkness. Warning: there's a major plot thread that will continue into book three, and you might find yourself anxiously anticipating its release in July.

Leave a comment at the bottom of this post, and on Friday I'll hold a drawing for a free copy!!!

Romance is in bloom once again in Holmes County. Cleon and Grace Schrock are expecting their first child together and are happily settling into married life. And Grace’s younger sister, Ruth, is falling in love with Martin Gingerich. As their love blooms, the attacks on the Hostettler family begin again threatening their peace and security once again.

First, the attacks are just pranks...
A stink bomb in the family barn
The farm gets toilet-papered

Then, they escalate...
Laundry on the line is shredded
Weed spray in the garden kills all their garden plants

Finally, the unthinkable...
A horse and buggy are run off the road, costing the family dearly

Who’s to blame? Footprints lead directly to the Larson homestead and shortly thereafter Ray and Donna Larson make an offer to purchase the Hostettler homestead should they decide to move. But it could also be Luke Frieson, a young man still on rumspringa who hangs around with a rowdy English crowd. Cigarettes at the scene of one attack could point to him. Or they could point to heavy smoker Sheriff Osborn.

Bestselling Amish fiction author Wanda E. Brunstetter is certain to keep her millions of readers up late into the evening to learn whether all the mischief and mayhem will finally come to an end.

About Wanda E. BrunstetterFascinated by the Amish people during the years of visiting her husband’s family in Pennsylvania, Wanda E. Brunstetter combined her interest with her writing and now has eleven novels about the Amish in print, along with numerous other stories and ministry booklets. She has also written an Amish cookbook, an Amish devotional and some Amish children’s books. She lives in Washington State, where her husband is a pastor, but takes every opportunity to visit Amish settlements throughout the States.

Q&A with Wanda Brunstetter, author of A Sister's Test

Q. A Sister’s Test is the second installment in the Holmes County Series and deals with mysterious attacks that test the faith, perseverance and forgiveness of the characters. What was the inspiration behind this series and what message(s) should readers take away after they’ve read A Sister’s Test?

A. After reading a newspaper article about some Amish people who’d been attacked by someone with a grudge against them, I decided to write a series addressing this issue and showing how I believe the Amish would respond to a situation such as this. The message I hope my readers will take away from reading A Sister’s Test is the message of forgiveness, forbearance, and trusting in God to bring about something good even in bad situations.

Q. In the past you’ve mentioned having a serious fascination with the Amish people and it’s clear from your writings that you respect their culture. What is it about them and their culture that you admire?

A. I admire their strong faith in God and their commitment to God and family. I also admire the fact that they do not put their emphasis on worldly things and spend more time reflecting on God’s creation and the blessings He bestows.

Q. How can we adopt these principles in today’s society without giving up the ‘modern’ way of life and becoming Amish?

A. We can slow down and take time out to spend with the Lord, as well as our family and friends. Many people are so busy “doing” that they miss a lot of the wonderful things God created for our enjoyment. Realizing that “things” aren’t nearly as important as “people” will help us keep our focus where it should be.

Q. How do you think you’d respond to the attacks in A Sister’s Secret if you were Ruth?

A. I would no doubt be very frightened and concerned for the welfare of my family. I would, of course, notify the authorities, and perhaps do a little investigating on my own. Most of all, however, I would trust God for protection and ask Him to bring the answers that are needed to put a stop to the crimes. I would also ask Him for patience and a sense of peace.

Q. The ability, or inability, to have children whatever the reason can be devastating to a woman. Do you have any advice to women struggling in this area of life?

A. Two of my best friends are not able to have children of their own. One friend chose to adopt, the other friend did not. Both women are loving, nurturing, caring people, and both are living fulfilled lives. While motherhood is a fulfilling responsibility, I don’t believe being a mother is the only way a woman can be fulfilled. There are many other things we can do in this life that bring fulfillment, and if we seek God’s will and ask Him how we can best serve Him, He will fulfill our needs.

Q. Thinking ahead to the big reveal of the attacker in Book Three, would you be able to forgive this person if you were a member of the Hostettler family?

A. True healing can only occur if we are willing to let go of our pain and forgive those who have wronged us. Only in God’s strength are we able to find the kind of forgiveness necessary in situations like the Hostettlers went through. I would hope I would say, just as Christ said when He was crucified, “Father, forgive them, for they know not what they do.”

Q. What was your favorite part of writing and planning this series?

A. My favorite part of planning this series was being able to visit Holmes County and get to know several Amish families who live there

Q. What books are currently on your bookshelf?

A. Fiction: Fair Game by Carol Cox; Nonfiction: Lord, I need Your blessing by Anita Corrine Donihue, and Self Talk, Soul Talk by Jennifer Rothschild. All three are excellent books!

Q. What inspires you as a writer? Is it a particular location? A particular ritual?

A. Anytime I’m visiting my Amish friends, I’m inspired to write about the Amish. I also have many Amish things in several rooms in my house, and just looking at them inspires me to write my Amish stories.

Q. You now have over two-million books in print. Do you have any advice for beginning or aspiring novelists?

A.Keep writing and perfecting your craft, and never, ever give up. God’s timing is always best.

Q. We’re eagerly anticipating Book Three…are you in the process of writing it? When will it be available?

A. Book 3, A Sister’s Hope, will be published in July 2008.


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...Writer...Interrupted lately? Talk about a wealth of information for busy writers! There are tons of posts on craft, time management, and every aspect of writing you can think of coming straight from the experts. Amazing guest bloggers stop in from time to time, and there's more encouragement than you can imagine in every nook and cranny of the website.

If you are a writer, and you are interrupted (Hello? That's me!!!) then you need to check this out!

After 3+ years of writing seriously, I've hit the point where I can't decide what to do! It used to be that I'd start a novel, then never finish. Somewhere around page 80, I'd stall out, tinker, then eventually quit and move onto something else. I really didn't believe I had it in me to finish a book.

Then I joined ACFW. Then I met Betsy, who encouraged me to continue working on Table for One nearly every day until it was finished. Since then, I've completed 2 more books, and begun a 4th. Completing books is way more fun than starting and never finishing. Here's the quandary:

I'm really enjoying the book I'm working on, but there's something else I want to write too. Though I like to think of myself as a juggler, I'm not when it comes to my writing. I've never worked on 2 books at once because there are only so many hours in a day, plus my brain doesn't work that way. A tiny fear exists that by diverting my attention, neither project will get finished. Eek--don't want to go there again!

My question to you is, besides the burning passion in your bosom for a particular story, how do you choose which book to write first? Or do you write books simultanously? Or do you write down your thoughts on one book and set the notes aside? (Naturally that makes the most sense, but it still doesn't feel right!)

Friday, February 22, 2008


He died once to stop the he's dying again to save his wife.

FBI behavioral psychologist Daniel Clark has become famous for his well-articulated arguments that religion is one of society’s greatest antagonists. What Daniel doesn’t know is that his obsessive pursuit of a serial killer known only as “Eve” is about to end abruptly with an unexpected death-his own.

Twenty minutes later Daniel is resuscitated, only to be haunted by the loss of memory of the events immediately preceding his death.

Daniel becomes convinced that the only way to stop Eve is to recover those missing minutes during which he alone saw the killer’s face. And the only way to access them is to trigger his brain’s memory dump that occurs at the time of death by simulating his death again…and again. So begins a carefully researched psychological thriller which delves deep into the haunting realities of near-death experiences, demon possession, and the human psche."

As always with a Ted Dekker thriller, the details of ADAM are stunning, pointing to meticulous research in a raft of areas: police and FBI methods, forensic medicine, psychological profiling-in short, all that accompanies a Federal hunt for a serial killer. But Dekker fully reveals his magic in the latter part of the book, when he subtly introduces his darker and more frightening theme. It's all too creepily convincing. We have to keep telling ourselves that this is fiction. At the same time, we can't help thinking that not only could it happen, but that it will happen if we're not careful."

New York Times best-selling author Ted Dekker unleashes his most riveting novel elusive serial killer whose victims die of unknown causes and the psychologist obsessed with catching him.

Ted is the son of missionaries John and Helen Dekker, whose incredible story of life among headhunters in Indonesia has been told in several books. Surrounded by the vivid colors of the jungle and a myriad of cultures, each steeped in their own interpretation of life and faith, Dekker received a first-class education on human nature and behavior. This, he believes, is the foundation of his writing.

After graduating from a multi-cultural high school, he took up permanent residence in the United States to study Religion and Philosophy. After earning his Bachelor's Degree, Dekker entered the corporate world in management for a large healthcare company in California. Dekker was quickly recognized as a talent in the field of marketing and was soon promoted to Director of Marketing. This experience gave him a background which enabled him to eventually form his own company and steadily climb the corporate ladder.

Since 1997, Dekker has written full-time. He states that each time he writes, he finds his understanding of life and love just a little clearer and his expression of that understanding a little more vivid. Dekker's body of work encompassing seven mysteries, three thrillers and ten fantasies includes Heaven's Wager, When Heaven Weeps, Thunder of Heaven, Blessed Child, A Man Called Blessed, Blink, Thr3e, The Circle Trilogy (Black, Red, White), and Obsessed, with two more...Renegade, and Chaos to be released later this year.

CLICK HERE to get your copy of Adam!

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...have been royally insulted, I'm taking down today's quiz! LOL, who wrote that thing, Eeyore? Definitely it was someone who needs to get a job! Anyhoo, for the rest of you who didn't see it, I am officially Garfield, and am lazy and somewhat fat. Oh, and I'm smart or at least I think I am. (If you couldn't tell, it was a "which cartoon character are you" quiz.)

Stay tuned next week for a more fun quiz, one that leaves you with a smile, not second-guessing your own social skills and mental health ;)

Wednesday, February 20, 2008


Since I'm way closer to the beginning of my new book than the end--and having a tough go of it, at that--I pulled out my highlighted copy of Plot & Structure, by James Scott Bell. There's a fantastic chapter on beginning strong, where he details how to get the reader hooked.

Bell has 3 specific recommendations when it comes to opening lines. I'll give you the condensed version, and really, if you don't have a copy of this book you need to get one!

*Give the name of a character. "Specificity creates the illusion of reality from the get-go."

*The reader needs to see that something is about to interruption to normal life.

*Give the readers a feeling of motion rather than static description.

Taking these thoughts into account, I believe my opening line needs a bit of work. OK, probably a lot of work. But changing things up in the opening will give me a stronger springboard to launch the book. Naturally, I couldn't stop with the examination of my own work, so I leafed through a few books on my shelf.

Joel Campbell, eleven years old at the time, began his descent towards murder with a bus ride.
~Elizabeth George, What Came Before He Shot Her

My name is Whitney Blake and not only is today my birthday, but it's also the day I outgrew my fat pants.
~Judy Baer, The Whitney Chronicles

A grieving woman, I've decided, is like a creme brulee: she begins in a liquid state, endures a period of searing heat, and eventually develops a scablike crust.
~Angela Hunt, Doesn't She Look Natural?

Ross Wakeman succeeded the first time he killed himself, but not the second or the third.
~Jodi Picoult, Second Glance

These are great first lines that both drew me in, and set the tone of the book. Do you have any favorite first lines? Or, if you're super brave, share your own!

Monday, February 18, 2008


Table for One received another review. Here's part of what the reviewer had to say:

I have to admit, I had tears in my eyes a couple of times while reading this charming story of love and forgiveness! Lucy is a loveable character, and is easy to relate to as she struggles to give her life over to God and trust His plan for her life. I love that this book inspired me to turn to the Bible more as Lucy’s lessons became my own.

To read the full review, click HERE.

And if you're waiting for the paperback, only 142 days to go!

P.S. Table for One is now available to put on your Shelfari bookshelf!

Erica tagged me with this book tag. The reason I like it? Because I get to peek at what others are reading, and vice versa.

Here's the rules:

The rules are simple.
Pick up the nearest book of 123 pages or more. No cheating!
Find page 123.
Find the first 5 sentences.
Post the next 3 sentences.
Tag 5 people.

The book closest to me at the moment is You Had Me at Good-bye, by Tracey Bateman. So far, very fun read that I picked up last week on our trip. Here's p. 123

"All right. I can take a hint," Tabby says. "But I'd better get to play the heroine when someone buys the movie rights."

Let's see, who are my victims??? I mean, friends who will play, who haven't already been tagged by Erica.....


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Russell Fink is twenty-six years old and determined to salvage a job he hates so he can finally move out of his parents house for good. He's convinced he gave his twin sister cancer when they were nine years old. And his crazy fiancée refuses to accept the fact that their engagement really is over.

Then Sonny, his allegedly clairvoyant basset hound, is found murdered.

The ensuing amateur investigation forces Russell to confront several things at once-the enormity of his family's dysfunction, the guy stalking his family, and his long-buried feelings for a most peculiar love interest.

At its heart, My Name is Russell Fink is a comedy, with sharp dialogue, characters steeped in authenticity, romance, suspense, and fresh humor. With a postmodern style similar to Nick Hornby and Douglas Coupland, the author explores reconciliation, forgiveness, and faith in the midst of tragedy. No amount of neurosis or dysfunction can derail God's redemptive purposes.

About the author:

Michael Snyder has spent the bulk of his professional career in sales, has fallen in love, and continues to struggle with the balance between art and vocation. He's never investigated a murder, much less that of an allegedly clairvoyant dog.

You guys, I am so far behind in my TBR pile! I confess, I haven't read this yet. I did, however, crack the first page, and if the rest of the book is anything like it, it's going to be a FUN read. Already love the author's voice, and it's in first-person present, which I adore.

To get your copy, click HERE.

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I'll be the first to admit it--I'm not a fan of Valentine's Day. Didn't like it when I was single, and I like it only slightly more now that I'm married. Two years ago today is when I came up with the idea to open Table for One on Valentine's Day, my heroine's least favorite day of the year. Here are her words:

The point is that today is the most dreaded day of the year for single women everywhere--including me--on the brink of turning thirty: Valentine's Day. I'm not a curmudgeon. I just happen to believe that retail-sponsored holidays, especially ones that exclude me, are dumb. Be my Valentine, blah, blah, blah.

But because I adore my hubby, I'll share a cute story from a few weeks ago. We were relaxing and watching a bit of television when an E-Harmony ad came on.

Hubby: I wonder how they pick those people?

Me: I think they choose real couples who met on E-Harmony.

Hubby: Cool! We could be on one of their commercials!

Me: Uh, honey....we didn't meet on E-Harmony.

Hubby: Yeah, but we're a real couple.

He cracks me up! So this post is dedicated to my honey, the man who keeps me smiling, works outrageous hours so I can stay home with the kids, and occasionally lets me loose in the bookstore without a spending limit. (Now that's love!)

I don't share family stuff too often, but here we are last weekend at his award banquet. Ignore the person in the background--sorry, didn't crop the photo yet =P

Anyway, because my honey is great at what he does, I feel like the wife of a star =)

Happy Valentine's Day, friends!

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ONE DAY LEFT... enter the White Rose Contest. Here's a recap in case you missed it the first time.


What could be more Romantic than a bouquet of Roses? Please join The White Roses of The Wild Rose Press on their Valentine's Day Scavenger’s Hunt.

Below is a list of the participating authors and their websites and blogs. Each of the sites has an identical flower in a different color. Once you've picked all the flowers, copy the names below and list the color of the rose you found on the corresponding author's site(s).Email your answer to: Please include the email address we should use to contact you if you win.

The contest runs from February 1 to the 14th. The Grand prize will be: a mixed bouquet of our eBooks and short stories. First and Second prizes of selected titles will also be awarded. Good luck!

Georgiana -
Cindy -
Kimberlee -
Kim -
Pam -
Cami -
Nicola -
Kara -
Betsy -
Vicki -

Since you're already on my page, it's an easy start =) Remember, the winner of the drawing will receive an e-copy of short stories and books, including my own book, Table for One!

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I confess, I haven't read the whole book yet, but I will say that Healing Stones is a page turner. Several uncomfortable moments in the book keep me reading. If you enjoy edgy, this is a great choice. Here's the back cover:

With one flash of a camera, Demi's private life becomes public news. She doesn't know it yet, but her healing has just begun.

Christian college professor Demitria Costanas had vowed to end her affair with a colleague. But she gives into temptation one last time...and a lurking photographer captures her weakness for all to see. Quite literally, she's the woman caught in adultery. And almost everyone--herself included--has a stone to throw.

Enter Sullivan Crisp, a decidedly unorthodox psychologist with his own baggage. He's well-known for his quirky sense of humor and incorporation of "game show" theology into his counseling sessions. And yet there's something more he offers...hope for a fresh start.

Reluctantly the two of them begin an uplifting, uneven journey filled with healing and grace. By turns funny and touching, this story explores the ways humans hurt each other and deceive themselves. And it shows the endlessly creative means God uses to turn stones of accusation and shame into works of beauty that lead us onto the path of healing.

An auspicious debut for a candid yet tender series about pain, healing, and God's invitation for second chances.

Stephen Arterburn is the founder and chairman of New Life Ministries—the nation’s largest faith-based broadcast, counseling and treatment ministry—and is the host of the nationally syndicated “New Life Live!” daily radio...

By 1996 Nancy was a full-time writer. The Christian Heritage Series made that possible. She was writing those books from the early 1990's until 2000.

And then a new opportunity came along--the Lily series. If she ever doubted that she was going to make it as a writer, man, that little red-head put those fears to rest! And, of course, Sophie followed Lily, with some teen and grown-up books in between -- plus the non-fiction books designed just for you.

Nancy and her husband live in Tennessee now, overlooking a beautiful lake, lots of sycamore trees, and the rocky Tennessee hills. They have a bright yellow power boat named BANANA SPLIT which you can find us on no matter what the weather. Marijean and her husband live nearby with my three grand-dogs and three grand-cats (and two grand-snakes . . .)

To get your copy, click HERE.

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I'm Lizzie!!!

In honor of last night's PBS showing of Pride and Prejudice, I found this quiz. It's more extensive than the last Jane Austen quiz I did here, so I assume it's more accurate. And we all know how accurate we want to be when comparing ourselves to Jane Austen characters ;)

Which Jane Austen Character are You? (For Females) Long Quiz!!!
created with
You scored as Elizabeth Bennet

As one of Austen's most beloved characters, Elizabeth Bennet represents what most women would like to become: strong, independent, and loyal. Of course, she has her faults including a stubborn will of iron and a clinging to first impressions. Overall, Lizzie is bright and lovable...something to admire and aspire to.

Elizabeth Bennet


Elinor Dashwood


Charlotte Lucas


Jane Bennet


Marianne Dashwood


Lady Catherine


Emma Woodhouse


Who are you???

Friday, February 08, 2008


The winner of Death of a Six-Foot Teddy Bear is.................


Congratulations!! Hooray for fun books!!!

Thursday, February 07, 2008


Sisters, Ink marks the first in a series of novels written by, for, and about scrapbookers. At the center of the creativity and humor are four unlikely young adult sisters, each separately adopted during early childhood into the loving home of Marilyn and Jack Sinclair.

Ten years after their mother Marilyn has died, the multi-racial Sinclair sisters (Meg, Kendra, Tandy, and Joy) still return to her converted attic scrapping studio in the small town of Stars Hill, Tennessee, to encourage each other through life’s highs and lows.

Book one spotlights headstrong Tandy, a successful yet haunted attorney now living back in Orlando where she spent the first eight years of her life on the streets as a junkie’s kid. When a suddenly enforced leave of absence at work leads her to an extended visit with her sisters in Stars Hill, a business oppor­tunity, rekindled romance, and fresh understanding of God’s will soon follow.

"What more can any woman want? Sisters, Ink weaves the love of sisters, the fun of scrapbooking, and a romance as sugary and tingling as Sweet Home Alabama. A must read for those who love southern fiction."--DiAnn Mills, author of Leather and Lace and When the Nile Runs Red

"Fun . . . funny . . . fantastic! Rebeca Seitz has brought together scrapbooking and sisterhood in a lively romp, with a love for going home again."--Eva Marie Everson, coauthor of The Potluck Club series.

Rebeca Seitz is Founder and President of Glass Road Public Relations. An author for several years, PRINTS CHARMING was her first novel.

Rebeca cut her publicity teeth as the first dedicated publicist for the fiction division of Thomas Nelson Publishers. In 2005, Rebeca resigned from WestBow and opened the doors of GRPR, the only publicity firm of its kind in the country dedicated solely to representing novelists writing from a Christian worldview.

Rebeca makes her home in Kentucky with her husband, Charles, and their son, Anderson.

To order your copy, CLICK HERE!

You had to know it was coming, and frankly, I'd be surprised if you didn't give in sooner or later too...

I joined Shelfari. It's an online community of book lovers, where the discussion of your favorite reads can carry on to infinity. Well, maybe not infinity. But the point is, you have a chance to list your books, discuss what's on your shelf, and there's a cornucopia of forums to play around in. (A-hem, not that I spend a lot of time playing around, mind you.)

It's the ultimate way to display your TBR pile! And you all know how I love to display my TBR piles=) You should see some people's shelves! I won't mention any names, but there are those among us whose books number into the multiple hundreds. No joke. I am not one of them. Because I am a Type A, crossing things off a list is a favorite pastime of mine, so I'm using Shelfari to keep track of every book I'm reading this year. You list the books in your TBR pile, move it to the currently reading pile, then mark it as having been read. A lovely system.

So, dear cyberbuds, if you're on Shelfari and we're not already friends, please add me!

On another note, this is post number 306 on this blog!!!! Who knew I had so much to say? OK, just kidding, don't throw fruit. How many posts do you have? Enquiring minds, and all that.

Wednesday, February 06, 2008

Death of a Six-Foot Teddy Bear

From the back cover:

Another murder mystery for the Bargain Hunters Network–only this time, one of them is a suspect!

Ginger and her husband, Earl, are in for a wild ride in Calamity, Nevada, along with the other BHN ladies–college student Kindra, mother-of-four Suzanne, and sassy senior Arleta. They came to town for the Invention Expo and some outlet shopping, but instead they endure lost luggage, broken air conditioning, and a long line of people angry at hotel owner Dustin Clydell. With the Invention Expo and the Squirrel Lovers’ convention both in town, the Wind-Up Hotel has somehow overbooked.

Before the night is over, a man has been found dead in a teddy bear costume, the Invention Expo has been canceled, Binky the water-skiing squirrel has gone missing…and the authorities want to talk to one of the BHN ladies!

What else could possibly go wrong?

Once again, the Bargain Hunters Network swings into sleuth mode to solve the murder–and this time, clear one of their own. Along the way, Ginger discovers something even better than a bargain.

Sharon Dunn is the author of Death of a Garage Sale Newbie, book one in the Bargain Hunters Mysteries, and the Ruby Taylor mystery novels including Sassy Cinderella, which was voted Book of the Year by American Christian Fiction Writers. She earned a BA in television production and a master’s in history Sharon lives in Bozeman, Montana, with her husband of twenty years, three children, two cats, and lots of dust bunnies.

Fans of cozy mysteries, this is it! Death of a Six-Foot Teddy Bear truly lives up to its whimsical title. A fun combination of bear costumes and squirrel fans, bargains and...gasp...murder, this book takes the reader through all the twists and turns mystery fans expect. Even if you haven't read the first book in the Bargain Hunters series, you'll be up to speed quickly, following the amateur sleuths as they figure out who killed that bear!

My dear blogging buds, please leave your name and email address, and I'll draw a name on Friday!

Tuesday, February 05, 2008


Two women board a Russian sub on a covert mission in the middle of the Bering Strait.

This is the elevator pitch for the very first novel I ever attempted. Previously, I thought Death on Penthouse Avenue was my starter novel in the 7th grade. But this weekend I finally remembered the story that started it all, SPY. (Very original title, by the way!) Based on the friend I told about this story, I had to be in 5th or 6th grade when the seeds of SPY were planted. It's not likely I got past page 10 on this book, but hey, a girl has to start somewhere! And the best part is, we used to act out SPY in the circular clothing racks at the mall, and pretend we were trying to board the sub without being discovered.

The only reason I think this even came to light was one of Erica's posts last week about elementary school, and I actually didn't have too many specific memories....until SPY. Then the memories came back like a flood. In fact, I could almost burst into a chorus of the famous Barbara Streisand song. A-hem, but I won't. (Good thing there's no audio here, eh friends?)

Sooo, if you're a brave soul, or if you don't mind baring your soul, share the elevator pitch for your very first novel. Think back, way, way back.......

Friday, February 01, 2008


It's a busy day around these parts. Instead of 3 different posts, I'm making one very long one, so read all the way to the end.


What could be more Romantic than a bouquet of Roses? Please join The White Roses of The Wild Rose Press on their Valentine's Day Scavenger’s Hunt.

Below is a list of the participating authors and their websites and blogs. Each of the sites has an identical flower in a different color. Once you've picked all the flowers, copy the names below and list the color of the rose you found on the corresponding author's site(s).Email your answer to: Please include the email address we should use to contact you if you win.The contest runs from February 1 to the 14th.

The Grand prize will be: a mixed bouquet of our eBooks and short stories.
First and Second prizes of selected titles will also be awarded.

Good luck!

Georgiana -
Cindy -
Kimberlee -
Kim -
Pam -
Cami -
Nicola -
Kara -
Betsy -
Vicki -

Since you're already on my page, it's an easy start =) Remember, the winner of the drawing will receive an e-copy of short stories and books, including my own book, Table for One!

Today I'm drawing for the winner of Reluctant Smuggler. Let me go grab my lovely assistant....
OK, drumroll please......


Congratulations--you're going to love this book!


Where were you all yesterday? Hello...hello...hello....echo...echo...echo!

No one guessed the meaning of the emoticons yesterday. I suppose it's because I picked all the easy ones ;) Here are the answers:

=:-)= ABE LINCOLN, not sure when I'll ever use this one, LOL!


0:-) ANGEL/SAINT, this should be my signature, =P

>:-) DEVILISH, these are my villains

> :-( MAD

:-O OOPS, if angel is my signature, this is my motto



There is an emoticon for everything. Use them wisely =P
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